Should You Buy a Carpet Cleaning Machine?

Posted by on July 24, 2017 in Home Care | Comments Off on Should You Buy a Carpet Cleaning Machine?

carpet cleaning machine

You need to care for your carpet to ensure it lasts as long as possible. Your carpet is one of the most expensive home upgrades so you don’t want to have to purchase and install new carpet often.

Caring for your carpet includes vacuuming on a regular basis, spot removal and hiring a professional carpet cleaner for deep cleaning. You might decide that hiring a company for deep cleaning carpet is too expensive and that you could instead purchase a carpet cleaning machine for DIY cleaning.

We love finding ways to save money on home repairs and projects, but are carpet cleaning machines a good alternative to scheduling an appointment with a local cleaning company?

The benefit of owning a machine is you can clean your carpet at any time. You can use the machine during the evening hours or during the weekends when a business might not offer appointments. You could even use the machine right before your guests arrive or maybe just before the holidays too.

Another benefit of purchasing a carpet cleaning machine for your home is to save money. It will be much cheaper to operate the machine on your own and purchase cleaning solutions for it than it will to hire a service every year. An appointment from a professional service will range from $100-300+ each time. You can purchase a machine for $150-300 and own it for several years.

That being said, there is downside to buying a machine. For one, you do have to spend the $150-300 upfront. The hope is you use the machine enough to profit from the decision but there is an initial cost. You also have to buy the solutions for the machine each time.

The main downside is the ability of the machine to remove deeper dirt from carpet compared to professional equipment. The best companies will use equipment that is anywhere from $10,000-50,000 to purchase. This equipment is extremely powerful and able to remove very deep dirt from carpet and extract all of the water and solutions used during the cleaning process.

The machine you purchase will have nowhere near the same power as professional equipment. This means there is a good chance that deep dirt will remain in your carpet and eventually lead to wear and deterioration of fibers. Your carpet might appear clean on the surface, but it will be very unhealthy below.

The other negative is the labor involved. If you hire a service, they do all the work for you and do it right the first time. On the other hand, with a machine, you have to find time in your day to clean the carpet yourself and understand the proper amount of solutions for success.

The machines also require cleaning chemicals and toxins, whereas you can hire a green carpet cleaning company that uses only all-natural products safe for your home. You can learn more about green carpet cleaning from

The cost of new carpet leads us to recommend hiring a professional instead of purchasing a carpet cleaning machine. You should give your carpet the best care possible in order to ensure it lasts as long as possible. If you hire a professional as often as recommended, you have a good chance of your carpet lasting for a decade or more. If you cut corners, then it might only last a few years before you feel the need to purchase brand new wall-to-wall carpet for your home.

Save your money on buying a machine and invest it into a professional service each year. We believe you will be glad you did.