Signs of Mice Infestation in Your Home

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house mice

Are you noticing some squeaks and scratches during the night? Is your plastic or furniture gnawed from corners?

If you are ignoring these in the belief that there is no mice at your home then the time is not far when they will simply invade your area!

Mice infestation is something which can’t be ignored as they are very active pets and they can proliferate in just matter of few weeks. Here are the signs which you should notice and can point towards presence of mice in your home.

Unfamiliar Sounds

The eyes of mouse are very weak compared to others and thus they navigate very diligently in the area while exploring and hunting for food. This involves scratching the wooden and cemented surfaces.

Also the body of the mice is very flexible and hence they are able to move in between the crack of walls making noise as those areas of your home are very silent.

So if you hear sounds from your ceiling or inside of a wall you can give it a benefit of doubt that it’s because of mouse and not some ghost!

Residual Pieces of Food Grains

If you notice residuals of eaten grains, oats and corns lying here and there then that also points towards presence of mouse in the home.

Mice eat very slowly and are scared of any sort of noise.

Mice stop eating as soon as they sense that someone is approaching and then the leftover will help you in determining the presence of mice.

Markings of Mice

Mice are dirty creatures and they always hide in some humid and dirty environment. Such sort of surroundings causes their hairs to be wrapped in oil which leaves greasy marks as they run around the sideways of your house.

Urine, grease, dirt and other materials are caught in their hairs as they live very close to each other and on the top of their waste.

So if you are cleaning the grease marks from your kitchen area frequently but still they appear even after you turn on your chimney every time you cook, then it can be because of rubbing of mouse hairs while they wanders around!

Visible Infestation

If you see mice roaming around your home then it means they are plenty in number. Generally mouse comes out only when it’s quiet so that they can’t be spotted but they live as families with nesting area.

The head mouse is responsible for collecting food for all the mice and thus if you see them frequently then there are high chances that they have invaded your place.  To see is to believe!

Awful Smell

As mentioned above, they leave the dirt, feces and urine on pillars which might cause an awful smell in your kitchen or any other area where they visit the most.

This smell is pathetic at the place near to their nesting area! If after sanitizing and cleaning also the smell is not being washed away then it points to their infestation at some remote area of your house.