How to Insulate Windows for Winter

insulate windows

The winter season is about to come. Are you ready to celebrate this festival season? It is time to enjoy indoors with a variety of food and family fun. But have you secured your room from cool breeze?

It may enter inside from windows and can make your room an uncomfortable place to live. That is why professionals advise making efforts for window insulation right before the winter season. When your windows stay well isolated from wind, it becomes much to maintain the good temperature inside and your home can become more energy efficient.

So, it is time to look at your unmaintained windows and get them insulated fast.

There are few popular techniques preferred by homeowners for window sealing; however, each one of them has its unique pros and cons, you can choose the most suitable ones as per the atmospheric conditions around you.

Insulated Curtains:

The best idea to stay safe from cool winter air is to install insulated, layer curtains in your home. They are made up of heavy fabric and finished with thermal backing so that your home can stay completely energy efficient in the winter season. The great news is that you can easily match them with your home d├ęcor to make it more beautiful inside however, these curtains use to be little costly.

Window Insulation Film:

The window insulation can be completed easily with special kits that are easily available online. You will have to buy a plastic shrink film that you need to apply to the indoor window frame with the help of a double stick tape. Once fixed, heat this film with a hair dryer; the film will shrink and will get attached properly. Professionals rate this technique an effective and cost-effective solution for all homeowners but they end up giving a cloudy look to your window.

Rubber Weather Sealing:

The accessories for rubber weather sealing can be easily purchased online as well as at local hardware store. Measure your window dimensions and cut that rubber sealing into small pieces as per window size. Now attach it to the frame to block all the unwanted gaps that may otherwise allow air inside. This technique is a low-cost solution but it is effective and attractive enough. But the sad part is that, after few months, when you will try to take out these strips, they will also damage your paint.

Cellular Shades:

If you do not want to compromise the natural light into your home then cellular shades can help you better. They will block the wind outside; however, you can enjoy the snowy view outside while eating your favorite food in your living room. They come with custom fit designs and you can easily install them on windows as well as doors. The only con is that they are expensive enough.

All these window insulation solutions are easier to implement and you can complete the task with DIY procedures. There is no need to call professionals to complete the job.

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